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Maxim Tashenov


As an artist, first of all, I strive to convey the feeling of a person who finds himself in an unfamiliar place for the first time. I try to express his inner feelings, mood. These are rather the thoughts of a person who, as it were, is spying on the lives of others from the outside, and at the same time strives to remain invisible. I think that I managed to convey this in such works as "Cairo. Boys fly kites", "Evening. Istanbul. Taksim", "Evening Cairo".

Born and raised in Western Kazakhstan. He studied painting at an art school, studio. Graduated from the art-graphic faculty. But he started painting again 25 years later, during a pandemic. On duty (pastor of the church) I had to visit different countries, from where I brought many photographs. Now I write my works from these photographs. My paintings are purchased by buyers from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Netherlands, the USA. In my works I strive to convey light, mood, impressions of a modern city and rural landscapes.
I am very close to the atmosphere of modern big cities, their rhythm, breath, life. Therefore, in my paintings, I look for ways to express this with color spots, lines, shapes. I do not strive to make everything realistic, but I am looking for ways to express the mood, impressions that will help to understand the inner state of a person in the modern reality surrounding him.

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