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Oil paintings in realism technique.Still lifes, seascapes, portraits.Each collection has more than 10 paintings in the same style is a journey into a bright and sensual world of experiences.I like to fill my paintings with good energy.Reiki and meditation practices help me make my paintings special.Several times a year I practice deep cleansing and visit the monastery.Then I create custom-made katrinas within the walls of the monastery.These are special pictures, this is a conversation with God.

My name is Natalia Selivanova, I am a professional artist from St. Petersburg, but I have been living in an ecovillage for the last 11 years, where I paint in my studio under the name N. Si.

I actively sell my works on my website and in the Saatchi Art Gallery. Some of the works are placed for sale in the art gallery of the historical pearl, the city of Petrodvorets. My works are in private collections in Russia and around the world, presented in international Internet galleries. I take an active part in exhibitions and various projects.

Painting is natural and necessary for me, like breathing. Since 2007 I have been doing Reiki, meditation, I observe nature - strong, wise, different - and this gives me great inspiration for my landscapes. I love to paint large-format seascapes because the air of a painting requires a lot of visual space.
All my love for life, my feelings, and my emotions do not disappear without a trace, but lie on the canvas with bright colors and begin their independent journey into life.

I started painting as a self-taught and then graduated from the "School of Oil Painting", "Master of Painting". I constantly exchange experiences with other contemporary artists, follow all new trends and materials. But I love painting in oil.

I am an active member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia now. The prices for my paintings are by the rating given to me by the Union of Artists. In the last 2 years, I have painted more than 80 oil paintings.

With all my rich life experience, I do not strive to show myself through work. I want to show the beauty of nature and objects without distorting their inner essence. Man is an instant compared to eternity. Nature suffers greatly from factories and industries, and other terrible pollution. A person will soon forget how to see her beauty. And if it does not stop in time, then the beauty of our planet will remain only in pictures. I want to find my buyer who sees the world with the same eyes as I do. Then my paintings can make him happy. And I am grateful to life that I can do what I love every day.




2021 Personal thematic exhibition "Seascape" in the gallery in Petrodvorets

2021 Author's exhibition in the "Gallery of Interiors" salon, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2020 Personal thematic exhibition "Contemporary still life" in the gallery in Petrodvorets

2020 Author's exhibition in the "Classic" salon, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2020 Author's exhibition in the "Gallery of Interiors" salon, St. Petersburg, Russia.


2022 MALE IMAGE, NOMINATION "OUR CONTEMPORARY" - 1st place in the nomination.

2022 Exhibition-auction Nikas Safronov project NET-Mytree


Erotica in paintings. Category: Emotion

The painting "MORNING OF THE BRIDE" was awarded 2nd place.

An article about the work was published in the catalog of the AEA gallery in February 2021.

2021 "ART. EXCELLENCE. AWARDS" international competition Honorary diploma painting "Skerries"

2021 Art Show International Gallery

2021 International online exhibition "Goodbye Autumn"

2021 "WATER WORLD" International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art about Water

2020 "New Winter 2020"

2019 Exhibition sale in the gallery in Petrodvorets

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