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Nata Tolstaya


The artist for me is not just a craft. This is the status of the creator and philosopher. What you think, what you feel - your canvas can say more than words for you. And it's true.
Connecting people through creativity with the God within you, that's my highest goal. Awaken consciousness, awaken the courage to be yourself.
As a rule, my works are bright and with deep meaning. In my work I use different abstraction techniques to convey the state.
Now I work in a mixed style: abstract and figurative.

My name is Nata, I am 34 years old.
Born and raised in the small town of Kirov in the big country of Russia. Now I live in Moscow.
As a child, she loved to draw and revealed her talent, but after school she chose a different path.
Received a higher financial education to work and survive in a small town during difficult years.
At the age of 20, she moved to Moscow, worked in a car dealership and advertising agencies as a manager.
She returned to creativity at the age of 28, when she became very ill and the only thing that saved her then was the release of emotions through paints onto paper. Then I remembered how much I love to draw. And with small steps, I embarked on the path of the artist.
I am married, I have a little daughter of 3.5 years and a big friendly family.
Now I have my own workshop near Moscow, where I work, paint and give master classes.

Nata Tolstaya



May 2022, exhibition "Spring Vernissage", place Zapovednoe ozero, MO
April 2022, exhibition "SELFIE", URBANFRESCO gallery, Moscow
April 2022, exhibition "In the artist's studio", Lobnya
April 2022, exhibition of works in the "Organic Woman Club", place GOELRO LOFT, Moscow

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