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Natali Gagai


I see and reflect the connection between the soul and the physical body. My paintings allow people to understand the processes, states that are in the depths of our consciousness. Through them, I open the possibility to read the information field of space. Thanks to this information, a person can rebuild himself on a positive line of life.

Born in 1991. I've been doing creative work since I was 13. In her youth she painted oil paintings. As a student, I decided to expand the boundaries of my canvas and received a higher education as a landscape architect.
I liked to paint portraits of people with landscape colors and observe how easily the environment reflects the essence of a person. Therefore, each designed garden carried the mood and structure of the owner. I have been creating them for 10 years and noticed that it is possible to read and manifest human energy in the material world and this has practical benefits.
The owners of the gardens I created often reported that they rest their souls in them. It's kind of a sacred place for them. And even when it comes time to sell such a house with a garden, it's not so easy to do. Too much connects them, or rather, the energy and information that underlies everything. It was these observations that prompted me to study the human biofield and the cause-and-effect relationships of our life. So I got a second education. I became a certified specialist in working with the human energy biofield, helping people find and know themselves in this life.
There is a lot of interesting information and states on the other side of human consciousness. Art is a different type of thinking that the world needs in order for discoveries and progress to take place. This is a different register of thinking capable of transmitting knowledge from the general information field. In the paintings, I reflect positive states (concepts) that are able to launch streams of creativity, health, love, abundance in a person's life, if he coincides with them in vibrations. Some paintings reflect future events. They have a hidden plot and everyone reads it in their own way. In my work I use graphic drawing on a tablet, and for individual orders oil and canvas.
My techniques are based on the laws of quantum physics: they are natural, natural and have nothing to do with religious and esoteric currents. These techniques can be mastered, felt and realized thanks to modern science.

Natali Gagai



2022 – Exhibition "Successful Art", gallery "Urbanfresco", Moscow
2022 - KUNST GEGEN POLITIK independent art-project

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