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Natalia Vinogradova


"My art is a journey into feelings. I strive to show the beauty and harmony of what is around us through colour and light. Colours and emotions are closely connected: colours can make us feel happy or sad... I start each work without any preconceived outcome in mind, just going with flow and letting the piece develop it's own way.
In portraits I tell the story of a person and try to reveal the secret of their inner world. I invite the viewer to think about what is beyond the canvas and awaken imagination".

Russian self-taught artist based in Prato, Tuscany ( b. 1965). In her childhood Natalia was fond of applied arts, then began to try herself in painting. What started as a hobby evolved into a passion and a full time career.
She experimented a lot with various mediums to develop her own unique techniques.
Natalia works in the style abstraction and figurative art creating an impression of form and space . Her style allows the viewer to immerse into the world of fantasy giving each viewer different emotional experience.

Natalia Vinogradova



URBANFRESCO- Virtual edition - Moscow
April 2022 / Sponsored by ASM-club

Group show. Prato, Italy.
August 2021 / Curated by Comune di Prato

Art Show International.
March 2021 Finalist award / Category "Portrait"

Art Show International
April 2021 Finalist award / Category "Abstract"

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