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Neya Kos


Cosmic abstraction helps not to forget that we are all children of the universe, free and capable of much. That "anything is possible" for us. And, contemplating a piece of the Cosmos, we seem to be returning to our true beginning, returning home from the emptiness of everyday routine.

I like not just to see something meaningful, bright and emotional in the world and people, but also to show it through color and texture. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming an artist, but this process took a long time. Studying psychology, literature and photography, I became even more determined to step on the path of the artist.
I studied painting both independently and with many teachers, but I started expressing my insights and realizations through paintings relatively recently. I often lacked space in creativity, and I always tried to find my own way and style in painting, or create a new one.
This is how all my abstract works appear - sometimes as a result of search and experiments, sometimes - by inspiration, in an instant.
I think, as an artist, I'm still at the very beginning of the path, but I'm not going to turn away from it anymore, which means I won't stop creating, and in each new picture I will show all new facets of realities and awareness.
I am inspired by space, creative people, poetry, the works of Gerhard Richter, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko and other famous artists.
Sometimes I take pictures, I like to catch unusual shots, beautiful moments, and the camera is the best assistant when there are no colors at hand. And sometimes such shots give birth to a new idea for a picture.
Member of the international association of artists ASM-Club.
In the future, I plan to participate in exhibitions and actively develop my creativity.

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