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Northern Phoenix


I create powerful emotional images based on my own impressions, inner experiences, memories and thoughts. I prefer drawing from memory rather than drawing from life. My head is always filled with new ideas. I am never going to «steal like an artist».

In my home city Norilsk I attended art studio which called Firebird where I painted on paper using gouache or chalk. I have finished 5-year art school. In addition my secondary school was with advanced study of aesthetics. Then I've got the experience of oil painting on canvas. I have chosen the specialty connected with creativity. It names the technology of art processing of materials. After graduating from the university I was working as a polygraph designer during 18 months (2009). I used programs for computer graphic such as Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Later I changed the area of activity several times. I worked as an engineer at the metallurgical factory, as an economist (I've got master's degrees in economics in 2013) and as a sales manager on the phone. But I often felt that it all was just a waste of my time. For many years art was nothing but a hobby. In the summer of 2017 I took the decision to quit my job. That was a time when I studied at the different courses: design, 3d-modelling and painting. I have got the Certificate of completion from Autodesk company for the exterior visualization made with 3ds Max. But most of all I like to create something tangible. I have been painting systematically since November 2019. In April 2022 I joined ASM-Club. I participate in the exhibitions organized by the Club. Techniques I use are acrylic paint on canvas, chalk, pencil, watercolor and mixed media. Acrylic paint is my passion. It gives rich decorative opportunities in combination with texture paste, gold and silver leaves, rhinestones and brads, glitter, textile and paper. In 2015 I started my acrylic experiments. I have been looking for the most interesting and unique combination of above named materials and application techniques.

Northern Phoenix



«Successful art» (14-29 April 2022), Urbanfresco gallery, Moscow.
«According to the selfie-method» (14-29 April 2022), Urbanfresco gallery, Moscow.

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