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Oksana Shabanova


Drawing for me is a way of showing beauty for both surrounding and inner world, way for bringing little magic into reality. In my paintings often there are female images that reflect my world perception, ideas, fantasies. They are kind of metaphorical maps that awake imagination. In my works mainly I use acrylic and mixed techniques.

Oksana Shabanova, was born in 1985 in Nizhny Novgorod. She was fond of drawing since childhood. While she was studying at university, she began to paint in oil, she painted portraits for order.
In 2020, she moved to live in St. Petersburg, began to paint with acrylic paints and watercolors.
She studied at various drawing and painting courses, including in "Good School with Karina Kino", part of Veronika Kalacheva's school "Kalachevashcool", also she participated in challenges and marathons in illustration. In 2021, she studied course "Acrylic paintings as therapy for soul" by Karina Kino, began to use mixed technique in paintings, added decorativeness, textures.
She often participates in various exhibitions and competitions.
In Oksana's paintings, there are almost female images that reflect her perception of world, ideas, and search for herself. She transfers part of her inner world and her feelings into the paintings and she finds inspiration in the works of favorite artists, nature, beauty of surrounding world.

Oksana Shabanova



2023 Competition «Positive Art», Russia
2022 Competition «House that you built », Russia
2021 Contemporary Atr Gallery Online’s 2021 All Painting/Drawing Art Exibitions
2020 Art Gallery «Wings», Saint Petersburg, Russia
2009 Russian Art Week, Moscow, Russia

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