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Olga Guseva


The beauty of the soul, kindness and positive will save our modern world. We all need to learn to listen to our hearts, to hear and try to understand other people. We are all so unique and each is beautiful in its own way!

An illustrator from the sunny city of Krasnodar, Russia.
A modern artist is fluent not only with a brush and paints, but also with a graphic tablet. These skills help create classical and digital art.
Recently, Olga has been drawing digital art, as it helps her to do what she loves, wherever she is. The tablet is convenient to take with you on travel and draw anywhere and anytime. The best art is obtained by drawing them on trips out of town. After all, nature always inspires.
2020-2021 Digital art and illustration courses Krasnodar, Russia
2020-2020 Contemporary art courses "Modern art and Ideas" from the museum MoMa New York, USA
2001-2008 Art school Pallasovka, Volgograd region, Russia

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