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Olga Kokoreva


Initially my work was strongly influenced by the Impressionists.I seek to convey emotion through color and light, "capture" valuable and vivid moments in our lives, which are close to most people.
At the same time in my works I look for answers to global questions, trying to convey my inner world. I try to tell a story so that looking at the picture the viewer could be immersed in the atmosphere of the day or catch my thought and feelings.

She was educated as an architect in Moscow. As a student, she illustrated a children's historical encyclopedia with a group of artists. Moved to St. Petersburg. Studied painting and graphics with graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Natalia Egorova and Vadim Chazov.
Engaged in visual arts for more than 11 years. Worked in oil, watercolor, and currently using pastels, both dry and oil as a working material.
Also I am the mother of the special child and am familiar with features of children with mental disabilities, which also leaves a mark in my work.
Took part in various group exhibitions offline and online in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as in Italy

Olga Kokoreva


2023- gallery "Laboratory of Possibilities". , Moscow, 13.03-19.03.2023 , the exhibition "I am a woman, I am the center of the world".
2023- gallery LINES , Saint Petersburg, 8.02 - 12.02.2023. Exhibition "Tales of Winter: between dream and reality".
2022 - Gallery of EOS, Parma. Italy, 11.11 -25.11.2022. Exhibition "Orange mood". on line
2022 - Gallery of LINES, Saint Petersburg, Italy, 29.07.2022 - 3.08.2022. Exhibition "Perfect Summer".
2022 - RAART Gallery , Saint Petersburg. Exhibition Space in Gostiny Dvor , Saint Petersburg , exhibition "A Dream at a White Night". ,24.07.2022-1.07.2022
2022 - RAART Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Karl Brullov Mansion, "The soul abhors an emptiness" exhibition 16.04.2022-30.04.2022.
2022- URBANFRESCO Gallery, Moscow, exhibition "By Selfie" 14.04.2022- 29.04.2022
2021- W&P Gallery , Saint-Petersburg, exhibition of oil, acrylic, tempera, fluid ART, 5.07-2021-11.07.2021

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