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Olga Matyunina


My work is not just pretty pictures. This is my way of communicating with the world, my contribution to it. This is how I express my love for the world, my admiration for its perfection.

Olga Matyunina was born in 1986 in a small village in the Nizhny Novgorod region. She grew up among the pristine nature, the love for which she carries through life in her heart and creativity. She inherited her passion for drawing from her father. He was a carpenter and made many sketches of carved architraves with an ordinary ballpoint pen on any surface: cardboard, wallpaper, even newspapers.Olga received her higher education at the Moscow Institute of Fashion Industry with a degree in Designer. There they gave the basics of drawing and a good base on color, composition and perspective. Olga studied watercolor painting with Anastasia Kustova and in numerous master classes.All her professional activities were related to beauty. At first she decided to become a florist - she created luxurious floral arrangements, compositions and bouquets. Then she worked as a decorator for a long time and created magical interior items and fabulous New Year's decor. And all this time she was painting. But until 2019, I did not dare to call myself an artist.From that moment on, everything has changed. Now Olga lives in travel, and devotes all her time to creativity. Nature is still, as in childhood, the main source of her inspiration. Perhaps because she spent the first 14 years of her life in the countryside, among the most beautiful forests and luxurious gardens full of birds - travel delights her and brings back childhood memories. Most often, it is flowers, animals and birds that appear in her paintings.Now Olga is studying watercolor techniques with the best contemporary artists, trying herself in different styles, creating new paintings. Works, most often, in restrained colors in watercolor technique. Her works can be found in private collections in Russia, USA, Europe and Asia.

Olga Matyunina



2022 - URBANFRESCO Gallery, "By the selfie method", Moscow, Russia
2020 - MBUK "Gorodetsky Historical and Art Museum Complex", Charitable action "Dobrolip" in support of masters with disabilities ", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
2018 - XV International Festival "Golden Khokhloma" Russia
2017 - Open Arts Festival "Dzerzhinsky Arbat" Russia

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