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Olga Skhirtladze


I am convinced that any person, wherever he lives, can be happy if he fills himself with gratitude for what he has and around him. And my message as an artist is this: there is a lot of things in our life that can bring joy, inspire and delight. And all this is very close, the main thing is to learn to notice.

Hello! My name is Olga, and I am glad to welcome you to my page.

"First the notes, then the letters, now the paints". With this aphorism, a friend of mine marked my creative biography. Well, the aphorism is correct: first I received my education as a musicologist, then as an art journalist... But "the paints" in this sequence had to be put forward. After all, as a child, I graduated from art school.

True, for over 20 years I have been hiding this fact… Fortunately, in 2018 I was able to return to painting, having restored and developed my skills under the guidance of wonderful teachers. Now my works are kept in private collections in Russia, Australia, Georgia, Armenia. I work as an illustrator for a children's magazine and participate as an artist in various projects and exhibitions.

The favorite subjects of my paintings are landscapes, still lifes, lyrical and funny scenes. And my favorite medium is watercolor. I love it for its dynamic and spontaneous character!

My special passion is Georgia. The culture of this country, before which I sincerely adore, maintains the fire of creativity in me and encourages me to do more and more work. I hope that through them I can infect my viewers with my feelings.

Olga Skhirtladze



2022 - Perfect Summer (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
2022 - international project Earth. Ver. 20.22. Why does Android need nature? (Russia, Moscow)
2022 - By the selfie method (Russia, Moscow)
2022 - Sotsgorod. Gaps (Russia, Moscow)
2021 - personal exhibition dedicated to Mother's Day (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region)
2021 - Sotsgorod. Gaps (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)
2021 - Live calendar (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

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