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Poli Bright


Polina Belova is a young ukrainian artist, interior designer and traveler who uses colorful paints and creates favorable pictures. She has 3 high degrees. Polina began to paint in 2018. At first she started out to color in oils. Then she has become inquisitive about acrylic, epoxy and Chinese calligraphy. Oil has remained a favorite material. The artist traveled a lot, visited more than 50 countries, so in her work you can see magical views and exotic landscapes of there countries.

"I'm going where few dare."

My artwork serves as a means of sharing a little of my soul and expressing my cosmic philosophy. The sea is what inspires me. The oceanic motif is one that I adore. My paintings reflect my love of diving and taking photos of sharks and rays. Since I was a little child, my family has relocated frequently due to my father's business. I incorporate Feng Shui ideas into my work and am always able to suggest areas of the home where it is best to hang pictures.

I term my style as "colorful symbolism." Each image conveys a story, an emotion, and a message. These are myths that we all grew up with. This represents a rebound to the basic forms of life. You can unlock the entrance to other world using a magic key. Where it is cozy and joyful. I hope my paintings will evoke a sense of peaceful serenity and inspire the viewer's imagination to create a different story from mine.

My artworks are based on my use of color and use of fortunate symbolism.
I merged a strong and iridescent color scheme with Chinese painting significance in my drawings. More cheerful colors that uplift the mood. Something sorely missing in places with cold climates The color palette is crucial to my paintings.

In classical Chinese painting, you will not encounter negative characters.. Therefore, drawings are always done for good luck. Being in tune with nature is crucial as well. Chinese art needs to be knowledgeable. Each component represents something:


- Quantity (animals, plants, petals, etc.)

- Navigation (where the wind blows, where the flower bud is directed, towards heaven or earth, etc.)

I chose oil paints because it offer countless options for capturing the world around us in my artwork. For the opportunity to implement ideas everywhere in the author's method. With the help of an oil texture, you may accurately repair or include image elements while also expressing the full depth of the image, shine, any complicated shades, and the most delicate shading. Apply relevant, cutting-edge techniques.

I believe that my purpose in life is to use the mystical realm of painting to influence people's hearts and not emotional minds.

Imagine and analyze my works from the perspective of an observer. Try to discover the secret meaning and symbolism, as this brings the artist the most joy. To reach people and make them aware that the time I invested in my craft was worthwhile.

Poli Bright



December 2022
Exhibition of international artists of Europe and America "Miracle of Christmas" in the gallery "Golden Duck Gallery" Budapest, Hungary.

December 2022
Winner of international artist competition contemporary art gallery online “All COLLORS”. In category painting “Magic Space”

March 2022
Exhibition "Sacred Awakening" in the ART Gallery “Slobozhanina” Kharkiv, Ukraine.

May 2021
Author's exhibition of paintings "Impulse of Mood" Belova Polina in Kharkov, Ukraine, Buzok Exhibition Center.

April 2019
Peony Festival participated in "30 meters painting" in Luoyang, China.

March 2019
International art festival “South Arts Festival” in “The fillinvest tend” Manila, Philippines. Organizer – Norley Membine

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