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Regina Lomskova


To be an artist, for me, means to deeply feel the world around, far beyond the bounds of ordinary perception. This is a state when every cell of your body resonates with the energies of nature, the planet, the universe.
When I create, I feel like a super person for whom there are no boundaries. There is only an intention to be a conductor between the mental and material world.

Lomskova Regina Igorevna, was born in 1997 in the city of Tekeli, with picturesque mountain nature. This factor was characteristically reflected in her worldview. She started her creative path at an art school at the age of 13, where she received basic skills and knowledge. After repeated attempts to enter a higher educational institution, she began to independently hone her skills in oil and watercolor painting. At the same time working as a freelancer, taking orders for illustrations in different niches and styles.
Regina's work is multifaceted, she creates realistic works with elements of abstraction, thereby filling the work with depth and secret meaning. This is something without which she definitely cannot imagine her life and herself real. In the lesson of oil painting, she gains incredible energy nourishment and vitality. Her rich experience in sorting out professional areas, each time revealed to her the truth and the path in which she should and wants to move. Way of the heart!
There were no those around her who would understand her in such trifles and passions, but she intends to be part of creative associations and share the source of her love with the world. By investing all those emotions that he experiences, and spiritualize his paintings. It is important for her that people feel the exuded energy from her paintings. Because each work is her story about herself, about experience and knowledge, life path and worldview, about overcoming and the importance of moving along her own path, about creation and peace!

Regina Lomskova



2022 July "My perfect summer" St. Petersburg
2022 May "Successful Art", Moscow
2022 April "By the selfie method", Moscow

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