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Rosani Olesya


Thousands of people understand the world differently, they see things in a particular way, strange, without logic, without social standards, without prejudices. My art amazes, it wants to search, find and interpret reality. The painting is in motion, but it makes you stop, think, isolate yourself, look and study. It is a harmonic chaos that is never forgotten.

Artistic High school at Crimea (Kerch, Ukraine)
Conservatory of Music (Odessa, Ukraine)
I have my account ebay (lucolesiart) with 900 feedback and I sold my pictures in Italy,Germany, Holland, Spain,Greece, UK and other countries.

Rosani Olesya



NFT art collective project, collective exhibition of female art (Sestino, Italy),group exhibition at the Darvin museum in Moscow.
Exibition in Brazile , San Paulo.

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