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Sasha Snegir


LOVE IS IN EVERYONE. In every person, in every action, in every picture.
LOVE IS EVERYWHERE. And through this love, all things can be expressed.

I feel and see love in everything: faces and images, feelings and emotions, sexuality and affections, motivation and psychology, life and environment, signs and symbols, all religions and confessions, fears and joys. I feel and experience the energy of love, of value and beauty in every soul and strive to awaken this feeling in others.

Sasha Snegir is an Artist energo practitioner, explores the phenomenon of Love as the core of our universe, as the basis of the interaction of all living beings and the source of all religions, feelings and relationships.
Creates immersive aromatic paintings in the author's style of FRAIMM ART.
Guide and adept of Love.

To manifest love and energy, feeling and sensuality, to fill with meaning
and depth, to reconnect with the Soul and embrace with all my heart.

She was born in 1988 in Minsk. From childhood she expressed her passion to "speak to the world" through calligraphy, lettering, poetry and prose, later she started to visualize her emotions and feelings in graphics and photography. She is engaged in a lot of self-education and private training.
From a young age she has studied energy practices and various spiritual denominations, psychological and mystical sciences, has various esoteric initiations and experiences, and has many relevant skills and tools.
Since 2017, she has been a self-sufficient versatile professional artist: she was an apprentice ceramist for a couple of years and did wall painting, calligraphy, painting, and drew digital illustrations.

Sasha is an empath and literally feels and loves the world with all her soul, exploring its many facets through love and energy, seeking to support, inspire and inspire, to delight and embrace with all her heart, to awaken consciousness and reflect depth, reconnecting all her skills and knowledge in painting.
She paints immersive paintings - energetically charged sensual amulets, for which she creates fragrances (perfumes) that convey atmosphere and mood, and intertwines natural stones, getting the effect of immersing the viewer in the state of the artist, which inspired a particular story.

Participates in international exhibitions, sells works for private collections, and draws for printed publications. She creates art objects for any task and emotion, for different places and interiors.

Oil has captivated the artist from the first second the ability to sink into it with all her soul through her hands, to penetrate completely into the work, not noticing neither time nor space, giving all her energy and sensuality to the canvas - it is truly pure light magic, embodied in the art of a sensual Artist!

Sasha Snegir



2023 - 10.09 - International French-Russian contemporary art exhibition "Câlin", DagTac Holding
2023 - 06.05-04.06 - Exhibition "Earth. Ver.21.23. Rebirth", ASM Club and Darwin Museum, Moscow
2023 - April - Individual Apartment Exhibition "Love Lives Forever", Minsk, Belarus
2023 - April - Individual exhibition "Love Lives Forever", Parnas online gallery
2023 - 06-17.03 - Exhibition "I am woman, I am center of the world", ASM Club and URBANFRESCO Gallery, Moscow
2023 - 10.03 - International French-Russian contemporary art exhibition "Câlin", DagTac Holding
2023 - 06-10.03 - Exhibition "SHE in Art and Life: Breaking Stereotypes", BSPU ESD Coordination Center and BSPU ESD Volunteer Group, Minsk, Belarus
2023 - 08-13.02 - Exhibition "Fairy Tales of Winter: Between Dream and Reality", ASM Club and LINES Gallery, St. Petersburg2023-2022 - 10/29-20.01 - Exhibition "L Ó V E", Nikolskaya Gallery, POP UP MUSEUM, Moscow
2022 - 01-10.12 - Exhibition "Miracle of Christmas", ASM Club, Hungary, Budapest, Golden Duck Gallery
2022 - 11-25.11 - Exhibition "Orange Mood", ASM Club and EOS Art Association Laboratorio delle Arti, Italy, Parma2022 - 02-13.11 - Exhibition "Reflexion", MOLBERT GALLERY, Capella Courtyards, St. Petersburg
2022 - 10.10-15.11 - International French-Russian Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Câlin", DagTac Holding2022 - 07-09.10 - Author's Crafts Fair "Charowyny Mlyn", Palace of Art, Minsk, Belarus
2022 - 08.25-25.09 - International Russian-Spanish Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Khalo", DagTac Holding
2022 - March - Exhibition "Quiet Masterpieces" based on the results of contest project "Public-Star II", Parnas on-line gallery
2022 - January - Contest project "Public-Star II", Parnas on-line gallery, victory in the category "Interior Art" + cover and article in Parnas art history magazine № 2 (1/2022)
2020-2019 - 15.10-26.01 - International art exhibition "Season of Inspiration", World art art project "The place where light", Exhibition Hall K.C. "Rublevo", Moscow
2019 - 25.06-14.07 - International Art Exhibition and Competition "New Horizons", World Art Art Project "The place where the light", Pavilion 57, VDNKh, Moscow
2019 - 02-07.06 - International exhibition "Colors of Armenia", Museum of Russian Art (collection of Prof. A.Y. Abramyan), Yerevan, Armenia
2019, 2018, 2017 - Art Dump Project
2018, 2017 - W FEST Stylish Wedding Festival
2018, 2017, 2016 - SKETCHFEST


2022 - January - Art article: "Yenna Shursen: the fragrance of art" + Cover. Art magazine Parnas № 2 (1/2022)
2022 - November - 04-10 - Interview about interior painting and the state subsidy "Scarf to Interior". Vecherny Minsk newspaper, p. 19
2020 - November - Cover story. Dessert Report publication.
2019 - April - 22 - SMART interview: "Yenna Shursen. How to Get Out of the Office and into Creativity?" The Pled Magazine
2019 - February - 21 - Article: "5 tips for aspiring calligraphers." The Pled Magazine
2018 - April-May - Interview with the author and the main organizers of the Portrait Battle in Faces project and contest. Dessert Report, pp.54-56

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