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Stasy Votinova

artist, illustrator

I believe, aesthetics is the mother of ethics. I'm inspired by the best
things in humanity (acting, music, literature, architecture, science) and the
immutability of the universe. I love broad brushes because they allow me to create a mood. I create art windows for people. I want to let them immerse themselves in pleasant thoughts about different worlds and eras.

I'm an ad designer, illustrator, and independent mixed media artist who fills artworks with emotions generated by our world and the best of human beings. And some of my works are already in private collections in Russia, England, and the USA. I hope, you'll also feel the alluring atmosphere I depicted in the paintings. You can transport to attractive worlds and different universes through my painted windows on your walls.
Thanks for coming.
P.S. Just let you know, when you chose my artworks, you helped me to take part in a charity for Human Rights Advocacy & Animal Rights Centers (you cannot even imagine how relevant and urgently needed it is in my country)

Stasy Votinova



2022 July "5th Landscape", Art Show International
2022 May-June "Does Android need nature?" STATE DARWIN MUSEUM, Moscow
2022 May "Winged swing", Urbanfresco, Moscow
2022 April "Selfie" Urbanfresco, Moscow
2022 January "3rd Portrait", Art Show International
2021 November-December "The world is a theater" Art Fund, Moscow, Russia
2021 December "Animal", Art Show International
2021 August "Mood Act" Open call, Moscow, Russia
2021 March "Compote", Kibart & Alipova Gallery, Russia

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