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2021-2022 - School of Avant-garde and Creative Drawing under the leadership of Elena Shmakova
2020-2022 - "Oil painting" Art School by artist Nadezhda Ilyina
2019-2022 - School of Seascape Painting by artist Dmitry Roza
2020 - School of Painting by Olga Bazanova
BS in Civil Law Attorney - State University Law School, Moscow, Russia
BS teacher of mathematics - Zhdanov State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
My artworks are in private collections in Moscow, Sergiev Posad, and Saratov City.

You can find my paintings published in the collection of contemporary art, "ModernArt. Artists of the 21st century".

Registrations and membership:
Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.
Unified Register of Professional Artists - category 5B
Member of the Union of Russian Artists
Member of the Eurasian Art Union.




Personal Exhibitions:
September - October 2022 "RamokNet" Sergiev Posad, Russia
June - July 2021 "Color of Mood" Sergiev Posad, Russia

Group Exclusive Exhibitions:
2023 "Planet of Colors 23". Moscow-Cairo International Exhibition 2023 "Loyalty to Traditions".
The jubilee exhibition is dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Union of Russian Artists. Moscow, Russia
2023 "Only girls in ArtBaza". Gallery "ArtBaza" Sergiev Posad, Russia
2023 Christmas exhibition "Creative results of 2022". Gallery "ArtBaza" Sergiev Posad, Russia 2022 International Festival, Russia
2023. "Planet of Colors 23". Moscow-Cairo 2023
International Exhibition "Loyalty to Traditions". The exhibition was a dedication to the 120th anniversary of the SRH. Moscow
2023. "There are only girls in the ArtBaza." Gallery “ArtBaza" Sergiev Posad
2023 Christmas exhibition "Creative results of 2022". Gallery “ArtBaza" Sergiev Posad
2022 International Festival-competition "Firebird of Russia," 1st-degree laureate
2022 – "Russia. Horizons". Exhibition-competition - Foundation for the Promotion of Folk Arts and Crafts "Rustrends" with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives – Moscow, Russia
2022 - "Picturesque multicolored" - SHTO "MIG" St. Petersburg, Russia
2022 - "Art Week Russia" Moscow, Russia
2022 - Gallery of Contemporary Art "Eurasium" - "Art seasons" exhibition - competition - Moscow, Russia – 2nd place
2022 - International exhibition and competition of works about water "Water World" - St. Petersburg, Russia - 1st place
2021 - exhibition-competition "May Painting Salon" - Sergiev Posad House of Artists, Russia.
2021 - online exhibition "Goodbye, Autumn."
2021 - online All-Russian creative competition "Art of still life" 1st place 2021 - online All-Russian creative competition "Landscapes of my homeland" 1st place
2020 - online exhibition "Our Heritage"
2020 - international online exhibition "St. Petersburg – Shanghai. Twin Cities" - Stage 2
2020 - online exhibition "Artists of the New Time."

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