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Just accept reality, sweeten it and dress it in a dream dress!

Hi! My name is Natalia and I am from Russia. 

I discovered my new passion for painting in 2015.  Since then I have been studying classical and modern techniques of drawing and painting.  I also attended private classes in person and through webinars from professional artists.
In creating my work, I explore the features and benefits of various mediums, including spirit ink, matte and iridescent acrylic paint, and modeling paste. In addition to using non-traditional materials, I also use original tools, using not only brushes and knives, but also sponges of various textures and densities, plastic cards, cotton swabs, crumpled cloth, and even my own fingertips. Some of the paintings are textured and have embedded items such as rhinestones, gems, sequins. Many stylistic elements in the compositions of other artists have influenced me and inspired my creativity. Let's start with the fact that artists who have dedicated themselves to the technique of impressionism have always had a significant influence on my work. I feel a special connection with the paintings of Claude Monet. I can never stop admiring his bold paintings that express overwhelming emotion and give his paintings a sense of movement. I am so deeply attached to his style that I have adopted his technique in many of my own works. I use my art as a way to express my feelings, thoughts and mood while creating. I love to recreate any living form because of my endless admiration for nature and endless ways to interpret and represent different life forms. For me, many creations of nature are so authentic and alive that I want to reflect the inner harmony they bring to my paintings. Whenever I feel like I need a distraction, I go for a walk in the nearest forest or park. I enjoy outdoor activities. After the change of scenery, I will return to my studio, and I feel like I need to do next. I am always looking for new experiences and ideas while traveling to different places. I have visited over twenty countries. The many fascinating cultures, landscapes and atmospheres I have seen have always opened up new perspectives, inspired and creative insights for me. The main reason for my creativity, in addition to the desire to express myself and share my emotions with others, is the pleasure and awe that my art causes. I want to bring more joy to myself and others.




Я в Instagram как @natalia_bliss. Установите приложение, чтобы подписаться на мои фото и видео.

Увлекаюсь живописью. Создаю прекрасные картины для вашего дома. "Примите реальность и оденьте в платье мечты!"

Earth.Artificial intelligence. Why. Darwin Museum. Moscow. 2022

URBANFRESCO Gallery (Moscow, Russia) exhibition "by the Selfie method" 2022

31.03.2022-24.04.2022. Moscow, Avtozavodskaya-18, Art Center "ART Box".
The theme of the exhibition is 50 SHADES OF RED

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