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Svetlana Iskoskikh


The subjects of my paintings are children and adolescents. This theme is close to me, because for some time I worked as a teacher of drawing and was in close contact with the feelings and problems of my students. Despite the fact that the heroes of my paintings are children, my message is intended for adults. My art does not allow us to forget the most vivid emotions that people stop experiencing in the course of life and draws the attention of adults to the problems of the younger generation.

Svetlana, creative pseudonym #iskosmosa. Was born in the Urals in 1988, now lives and works in Moscow. She started drawing as a child and has won awards in many drawing competitions. Graduated with honors from the children's art school. Then she studied to be an architect at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture. For 5 years she worked in the office as an architect, designing buildings and interiors of houses. However, she chose to paint as the goal of her life and does not at all regret her choice. Now Svetlana completely devotes herself to painting and this is her main work and vocation.

Professional education gives Svetlana an idea of ​​which works of art are more suitable for a modern interior. Her inspiration is the human body, children and animals. In her works, she tries to convey feelings through colors and images. In recent years, there have been many turns in her work: from abstract art to realistic painting. However, all works of art combine vibrant colors and modern style. Most of the paintings are done with acrylic on canvas. The artist pays special attention to the quality of materials and their durability. #iskosmosa paintings will find their best place in your interior.

Svetlana collaborates with many interior designers, helping them with the selection of paintings from their interiors. He constantly studies trends and fashion trends in the visual arts and design in order to use them in his work. She includes in her list of favorite contemporary artists Liu Ye, Vladimir Dubossarsky, Richard Serra, Alexander Dayneka.

Svetlana Iskoskikh



2022 - group exhibition "Weightlessness", Skolkovo Innovation Center, Fedini gallery, Moscow
2022 - group exhibition "Art and Sport", Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2022 - group exhibition "LOVE", POP UP MUSEUM (Nikolskaya gallery) - Moscow, Russia
2022 - finalist Art Award "Till We Grow Up" / - Moscow, Russia
2021 - winner of the online contest
2019 -group exhibition at W&P Gallery by want & paint Co, Moscow, Russia
2018 - art festival "VIII Drawing the Cathedral of the Protecting Veil"
2017 - festival "Save a Life" with a video art project, Germany
2016 г. - personal exhibition - performance "Muse - close your eyes!" Ekaterinburg, Russia

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