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Svetlana Ivanova


My author's statement lies in the plane of feelings and perception of space. But I deliberately do not use abstraction, since there is a desire to follow the well-known path of human perception. To reveal the real world to him, through his vision, feelings, thoughts or memories. What does he remember, and what his brain does not want to remember and discards from his picture of the world. And here the magic of understatement happens.

Hello,my name is Svetlana Ivanova(1977)I am a self-taught artist.I studied online in oil painting lessons.I started writing in 2010.In 2019, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. Since then, only a couple of works have remained.My teachers of oil painting and drawing: Kristina Perekeeva, Olga Bazanova, Oleg Buiko, Alexander Ryzhkin.The learning process is ongoing at this stage.I paint only in oils.I use for work methods: naive art, symbolism, lettrism , impressionism.But it’s not always all at once. Everything, of course, from the decision in the picture, to convey the state.For work I use a palette knife and a brush.Nobody agitated me to write, this is rather an internal need. Rather, there are a lot of skeptics around, if not to say that everything.But of course I do what I have to.there are a lot of superfluous words in the world. And my vision is that, in the future, the visual perception of the world will grow.

Svetlana Ivanova



1.Exhibition "The Miracle of Christmas" Exhibition at the Golden Duck Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.(2022)
2.Exhibition Tales of winter: "Between sleep and reality"
Exhibition in St. Petersburg space LINES

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