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Svetlana Safarova


The most important thing for me is to convey emotions through my works. I strive to create paintings that evoke a sense of calm, coziness, and harmony in the viewer. I believe that everyone somewhere inside wants to believe in miracles and that they will happen. My paintings help the viewer awaken their forgotten desires and dreams, creating an atmosphere in which they can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday problems.

I am a classical painting artist who creates works in the genres of landscape, still life, portraiture, and animal painting. My paintings are made with oil using traditional techniques and materials that allow me to express the richness of color and texture. Currently I live and work in Moscow.

I was born in Nikolsk, Russia. I was interested in painting so much when she was kid. I graduated from Nikolsk Art School and later continued to study oil painting under the direction of Vyazmikina Ksenia, Egorova Ekaterina and Naumov Yury.

Since 2022, I have been a resident of the international association of artists ASM-CLUB.

I see this world in other way, as a painter, and I am very impressed by this beauty in every perfection and imperfection of our planet. I just want to paint at least a tiny part of this beauty on canvas. So I love to paint landscapes while I travel around the world.

I have traveled for several years, I have 15 countries behind me. From my travels, I bring plein air paintings charged with the energy of the places I visit. For example, the beauty of Altai impressed me so much that after painting several plein air works there, I started working in Moscow on a series of landscapes “Altai”.

Svetlana Safarova



2023 March. Participant of the exhibition “I Am Woman! I Am Universe!”, Moscow, Russia
2023 February. Participant of the exhibition “Tales of Winter”, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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