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Svetlana Samsonova


Bright colors and emotions are the main coloring of my paintings! I love the bright and juicy palette that brings joy and good mood, I really want to convey the atmosphere of warmth and happiness through my paintings. I am inspired by the whole world: landscapes, flowers and animals, everything that delights us with bright colors.
Our world is so big and beautiful!

I am a self-taught and beginner artist. My story started 6 years ago with health problems (psychosomatic), antidepressants didn't help me. But when I was on a yoga tour in China, I noticed that I had no health problems when I was painting (we also studied Chinese painting).
From that moment my life changed. I went to art school in 1975-1979 in a small town in Kirov region, but after graduation I did not pick up paints all these years. So I started with intuitive gouache painting. During this time I tried many techniques, but by far my favorite is oil.
I'm learning all the time and I'm still looking for my style. I am an engineer by education and I think I lack imagination in my art. But I try very hard!!!!

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