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Svetlana Serikova


I believe that art has great power and is able to awaken the deepest feelings and emotions in people. It can become a guide, guide you on the right path and help you find yourself. Therefore, I always try to create works that will evoke a response precisely inside a person, not just be a beautiful picture on the wall.

My paintings are not only a reflection of my thoughts and emotions, but also an attempt to share my understanding and feeling of the world. I believe that every work of art can b

Svetlana Serikova, an artist from Kaliningrad, I paint in the technique of abstract textured painting. I am a member of the Union of Russian Artists and head the regional group for the All-Russian Charitable Project "Artist's Heart" with the support of the Union. I plan to join the Union of Abstractionists of Russia

My hometown is Tashkent, it is one of the largest cities in Central Asia. Most likely, the beauty of the nature of this sunny land and its architecture had a great influence on my work: I love bold combinations and bright colors with original texture elements.

Since childhood, she was interested in art, attended youth art classes with professional artists. I remember that bohemian atmosphere of working studios, with hundreds of objects for paintings and sketches. The foundations that were laid during that period of my life are priceless for me.

Now I live in Kaliningrad and only a year since I decided to start painting not for myself, but to share with the world. There was a period when I became very interested in bas-reliefs, created several on the walls of apartments. The very topic of volumetric painting captured me very much, and later I took courses in textured painting. This really resonated with me in my soul and now I work mainly in the technique of textured abstract and semi-abstract painting, I participate in competitions that interest me and trainings in creative areas.

Svetlana Serikova



2023 Exhibition prize participation - updating the exposition of The Residence Wellness club Sochi with the participation of ARTist Community, Sochi
2023 Exhibition "Personified Values" Gallery of Youth Art "ArtPRO", St. Petersburg

2023 International project "Flashmob of one frame" exhibition "Fly me to the moon", Khimki

2023 Exhibition “Golden Brush. Revival» ARTist Community, Sochi

2023 Exhibition Orange Container at Orange Social Dance Club, St. Petersburg

2023 Exhibition "Fragrance of blossoming orange" cafe of author's desserts "Albicoco" Gallery "RA-Art", St. Petersburg

2023 Positive Art Competition (Season II) Art Award

2023 Free Flight Competition Art Award

2023 Exhibition "All the elements of nature" organizer Art-Faktura, Bryullov's Mansion, St. Petersburg

2023 Annual International Festival of Arts "Golden Phoenix" International Art Center "Imperial" of the countries of Russia and the CIS

2023 Online exhibition "4 elements" ARTist Community

2023 Competition “Golden brush. Renaissance» ARTist Community

2023 All-Russian Festival-Competition of Arts "Lighting the Stars" International Art Center "ART-LIFE"

2023 International exhibition-competition of contemporary art "EMOTIONS | EMOTIONS Expo" Eurasian Art Union

2023 Exhibition "Triumph of Heat and Light" Gallery "RA-Art", St. Petersburg

2023 Exhibition "Dream in the White Night - II" Gallery "RA-Art", St. Petersburg

2023 International competition Gran Premio dell’Arte Contemporanea from PassepArtout Unconventional Gallary (Italy) as part of the Orsa Maggiore Art Group

2023 Silhouette Art Competition Eurasian Art Union

2023 Online exhibition “This is what our summer is like!” Gallery MAS

2023 Participation in the competition dedicated to the artist Caravaggio organizers Arte Artisti, Rome (Italy)

2023 Art competition in the interior "Stylish Art" Art award

2023 Competition "Female image in art" Art award

2023 International exhibition project “Dantebus Bazart” – V Edizione (Italy)

2023 International Online Contemporary Art Competition Art Alebrio BLUE

2023 International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Eterniti"

2023 International Online Contemporary Art Competition RED 23 Art Alebrio Galleries

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