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"In thе bustle of our days, I want everyone to stop at least for a moment, and looking at my art remember that beauty is in the details,
joy is in small things and happiness is in everyone's heart."

Svetlana Zhogal was born in 1985 in the remote place of Polesye in David-Gorodok, in the Republic of Belarus. In childhood her life was filled with creativity. She was keen on drawing, beading, knitting, sewing. Svetlana is a process engineer by profession. In 2013, after visiting N.Safronov's exhibition and being inspired by his work, Svetlana has bought pastels and started drawing instinctively although she has never held them in her hands before. Next, she has mastered acrylic painting and epoxy . In 2021 she took part in the Golden time talent online exhibition for the first time where her painting "The Chief" got the Grand Prix.



Sviatlana Zhohal

2021. Golden time talent
2022. Тhe territory of creativity
2022. Вy the selfie method

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