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I want to show the beauty and quirkiness in ordinary everyday things. Nature is what pleases us, inspires us, and fills us with positive energy. My paintings are my vision of the diversity of flora and fauna. Their shape, color, details... In my loose painting style the captured moment and feelings. I often use different materials and techniques in the same work. It makes me excited when I start work and do the first touches. I have an idea and sketches, but my painting is always improvisation!

I'm an artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer. I paint watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. I was born in Russia, but I have lived in France since ten years. I have an artistic and pedagogical education. At one time I painted to order, since 2017 I have been creating and selling prints for fabric. Now I’m passionate about abstract painting in mixed media on large canvases. I am inspired by nature, flora and fauna.




"By Selfie Method"

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