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Tanya Camaro

artist, photographer

Everything has depth and hidden meaning. Everything is always not what it may initially seem.
So are the paintings: in the iridescence of colors, layering of strokes, contrasts and penumbra, you can find answers to many questions.
Feelings, impulses, states... You choose a picture with your gut, feelings, intuition. And it becomes exactly what you need right now. You live a certain experience with her, she reveals what is hidden in you. This is the great power of art.

I was born in June 1988 in a small industrial town in the Urals. The town is completely surrounded by factories and smog. I think this played a role in the formation of cravings for paints.

I really wanted juiciness, brightness, freshness, freedom from conventions. It was then, in my youth, that my first intuitive paintings were born, full of fantasy lines, images and bright colors.

I wanted to be outside the box, because that's how I saw and felt. I was filled with a desire to share this freedom from forms with the world. This determined my independent path in learning and developing skills.

Youth was bright. I began to dive into psychology, the study of cause-and-effect relationships in a person and his behavior. I was greedy for emotions and new people, new experiences. I was like a small tumbleweed wandering around cities and countries, absorbing the colors, landscapes, mentality and feelings of other people. I was expanding my world.

Now I live and create in the city of Yekaterinburg. Paintings and photography are my main activity and my love. Recently, I have been drawing intuitive pictures to order for a person. In December 2021, I held my first exhibition and decided to start my bright manifestation in the WORLD! In parallel, I study at the university at the Faculty of Art History, specialty "Art Business" and galleries. I feel that I have every chance to create my own gallery so that I can create freely there without being afraid to spill paint on the floor. And the world will become brighter!

Tanya Camaro



December 2021-March 2022 - twice participated in a joint exhibition at the Incenter Gallery in Yekaterinburg. It was a debut and a bright start.

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