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Tatiana NikO


I am fascinated by the vast and majestic Universe, our unique planet, my family and friends, music, colors, and nature in all its manifestations. Beauty inspires me!
"The length of our life is measured by the Almighty, but the width and colors we choose ourselves".

I live in Ekaterinburg, Russia – a large, culturally, and economically diverse city located on the symbolic border between Europe and Asia.
Throughout my life I have followed multiple career paths, however fine arts have always been of huge interest to me. I have finally decided to dedicate my life to art-making – I paint, decorate textiles, and do handicrafts. I am also interested in energy healing techniques and practices. I believe creating art means creating beauty that has the ability to give joy to people.

Tatiana NikO



URBANFRESCO, Moscow, 2022. 1st NFT marketplace in Russia, 2021. ART-Ekaterinburg, ArtFest. Ekaterinburg, (2016-2021). 2hd International Festival «BY HANDS OF WOMAN», World Trade Center Moscow, 2019. Auction «My view of the world». Pictures of the Ural businessmen, 2018.

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