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Tatiana Titova


My artworks are a reflection of a surrounding beauty through the prism of my inner world and my view that I would like to show people. I often hear from others that there is soul, warmth and love in my paintings, even if it is an ordinary flower at first glance. Truly in every color, shape, process there is certain information that can be read through the feelings. And if your gaze stops for a moment at my artwork, it means that I manage to convey some feelings and senses to you.

My acquaintance with painting began in my childhood, while I attended an art school for a very short period. The main part of my activity was related to tourism and the fashion industry. I always wanted to create something beautiful and useful with my own hands, but I just could not understand what it could be. And only 30 years later, during a pandemic time, I found this key and have remembered my skills after buying a canvas and have painted my self-portrait in oils. And since that time my creative path has begun.

A painting is a display of meanings, feelings, emotions, desires, beauty, aesthetics which you can feel when you look on it. The world we live in is beautiful. And most importantly, to see this beauty of the surrounding world - whether it be any story, a beautiful flower, a shape or wildlife. And these feelings I try to convey through my artworks.

In my artworks I mainly use oil and acrylic, and focus on interior art. My main sources of inspiration are nature, the inner world of creatures, travel, fashion, architecture.

Tatiana Titova



Des.Art Autumn, ArtPlay, Moscow, 2022

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