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Tatyana Gluschenko


In his works, the artist touches upon such topics as working with memory, time, space and captures the development of a person through archetypal perception. The combination of color gradations, archetypal forms, "pieces" of recognizable and atypical images is carried out due to their inherent hidden semantic loads.
Each work of the artist is a message, inviting you to pay attention to the unusual, sometimes easily recognizable, sometimes requiring a clue, the world of color, ideas and forms.

Born and live in Russia.

Tatyana Gluschenko



2021 - Participant of the International Exhibition "St. Petersburg - Shanghai. Twin Cities. Russia - China.
2021 - Laureate World Art Geography Art Geo Awards
2021 - Dali’s Mustache Laureate, SPAIN.
2021- International Exhibition Art Seasons
2021 - International Zen Art Exhibition
2019-2020 - Local personal exhibitions

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