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Tatyana Pertsel


Create to share pleasant emotions and states of love, tranquility and happiness.

Russian art of the 19th and 20th centuries, Repin, his school and students, passion for Russian and French impressionism influenced Tatyana's artwork . Her favorite artist is Feshin, because he was a continuator of innovation in Russian art.
Tatyana's paintings made in the technique of oil painting and more related to impressionism.

Tatyana Pertsel is originally from Russia. In her childhood she was fond of photography which led her to immerse herself in painting. She studied under the direction of Natalia Pismak.
Her art is a permanent research. Tatyana strives to convey the inner sound of what she sees, enjoy the beauty and invite to admire simple things, see the philosophical fullness and meaning. The works are painted with love and charged with positive energy.

Tatyana is a Member of Union of Russian artists, she is a resident of International Association of independent artists ASM-Club.
She participated in group exhibitions.
Her works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Great Britain, Israel

Tatyana Pertsel



2022 The State Darwin museum, Moscow, Russia
2022 Urbanfresco Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 Sverdlovsk Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, Russia
2021 Contemporary Art Gallery "Incenter" Yekaterinburg, Russia
2018 Regional Exhibition, Yekaterinburg, Russia

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