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Vera Morsy


Color is also an emotion!

I am Vera Morsy, am an artist, designer, creative human. I live and work in Moscow.
I was born in Russia, in the Volgograd region. Education - technical in the field of mathematics and programming. Despite my mathematical mindset, I have been painting watercolors since childhood and studied art with trepidation.
At the age of 20, she moved to Moscow and found myself in the field of designer textiles, starting her career as a secretary. In 2 years I mastered the profession of a designer-decorator.
For more than 13 years I have been lovingly engaged in interior design and decoration. I love working with space and color, filling interiors with details and I know how to balance it. Painting is one of the most important elements.
In 2020 (during the quarantine period) I took up painting seriously. Then several works were written. I have finally found my way to "talk it out"!
I am inspired by ethnic motifs, bright colors, traditional images, flora and beauty of the moment. I am constantly improving my technique. My teachers are the works of impressionist artists of the XIX century.

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