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Veronika Zubareva


Painting is a way of reflection, self-knowledge, language for me.
Why have I been starting to paint? - I had a feeling that a speech doesn't allow me to express my thoughts and feelings fully.
An artist feels and see, establishes connections, seeks and finds, explores the world and its phenomena in its uniqueness and versatility.
I create artworks in various techniques, my favorite materials are oil, acrylic, colored pencils.I paint in the various styles from realism to abstractionism.

I was born in 1991 in Schwerin (GDR). I have been living in St. Petersburg since 1993 year. I graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Cognitive Studies.After graduating from the university i worked in an aviation company, doing painting and graphics in my free time. Then i worked as a freelance artist-designer, teacher.
I am fond of music, literature, languages, IT. I love traveling and learning new things.

Veronika Zubareva



2022, Urbanfresco Gallery Exhibition, Moscow, Russia.
2021 ArtOn Gallery Exibition, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2021 Doncaster Online Gallery Exibition, London
2020 Gallery of Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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