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The plots of my paintings are mostly not from reality, they are not a translation of my vision of the world around. My creative credo is that my paintings help people to get away from the ordinary, at least for a short time, to develop their best qualities, their positive fantasies, the ability to see the new, not the usual in painting.

VoNA (Vokina Natalia Alexandrovna) – was born in Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region. Graduated from the State University, has a higher education in the specialty chemist-teacher, PhD, worked for many years in PJSC Gazprom, was engaged in the development of investment projects.
She has been fond of drawing all her life, there are three professional artists in her family on her father's side. She painted pictures for herself and her friends and only recently began to exhibit her paintings, including for sale.
Lives and works in Moscow. Natalia's creativity is diverse, she creates oil paintings in a realistic and abstract style in a bright but calm color scheme. Graduated from the course of "Oil Painting" by Nadezhda Ilyina. Lives and works in Moscow.
Member of the International Association ASM-Club and the Italian Art Association EOS.




Natalia is a participant of 4 exhibitions:
1.October 2022. Russian online exhibition "Beauty around", October 20221.
2. July 2022, "My Perfect Summer", St. Petersburg.
3. May 2022 , "Earth. Version 22-23. Artificial Intelligence"), The State Darwin Museum, Moscow
4. October 2021, "Goodbye, autumn!", St. Petersburg

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