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Yulia Vasenina


When meanings are mixed with colors, you begin to understand that every person, event, phenomenon and life itself is something more than you think!

Most of her life she was engaged in legal activities, in parallel, as a hobby, she was fond of dancing, bodily and spiritual practices.

At some point, dancing grew into a professional teaching activity, relegating jurisprudence to the background.

Drawing arose intuitively, at the call of the soul. The inspiration for drawing was precisely dancing, bodily and spiritual practices.

Thanks to the deep feeling of the body, at some point, bright unusual images began to come, which I wanted to transfer first to paper and then to canvas.
The main theme of the paintings are women, body, feelings. Each picture is metaphorical. Through the prism of images, it carries a deep meaning of how the author perceives a particular person or event.

Yulia Vasenina



2022 Naked Nature Exhibition London
2022 exhibition Naked nature, Samara.
2022 personal exhibition "Changing Reality", Moscow

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