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« The boundary between the visible and the invisible »
I often see my future painting at the moment between sleep and reality.
In my creation I like to experiment with colors and textures to create spectacular effects, use multiple techniques,
I like to transmet what I sow in another dimension. it relate to dreams, mystery, with the change of shadow and light, the fine line between the visible and invisible, between a reality and a fiction.

Yunna Way is a contemporary artist painter, actually living in France, Paris.

Member of International ASM Club.

Artist selected for International Art Fair at Carrousel of LOUVRE, Paris, April 2022.

Yunna’s artworks presented at Neho Suites Cannes Croisette during famous International Cannes Films Festival in May 2022 (Gala RStars AWARDS).

She participated in a variety of solo and group exhibitions across France,

Selected for NFT ART project of Nikas Safronov « Christmas Tree », December 2021.
She creates artworks full of mystery, intrigue, and sensitive nuance.

The artist’s painting are in private collections in France.




Miami Art week & Art Basel, artwork represented by, USA. 12.2022

Thomson Gallery, Zug, Switzerland. 12.2022

Casa del Arte Palma, Spain. 12.2022

Gallery Aigua de Rocha, Ussel, France, 09.2022.

Hôtel NEHO, Cannes, France. Exhibition during Cannes Film’s Festival. 05.2022

Cercle d'Union Interallié, Paris, 06.2022

Caroussel of Louvre, International Art Fair, Paris, France. 03.2022.

Gallery BDMC, Village Suisse, Paris. 01.2022

Gallery Aigua de Rocha, Ussel, 10.2021

26, Avenue de New York, Paris, 2019/2021

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