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Alla Kostеleсkaya


In my works, I always want to look a little further than the material shell of this world, to touch something secret and deep that I cannot touch with my hands, but that lives in every heart and makes us with trepidation feel our involvement in the eternal movement of life and touches the most intimate corners of our soul ...

Alla Kostеleсkaya. She began painting, to heal the deep emotional pain and devastation following the tragic death of her son. Through the process of channeling feelings into her artwork, she began to reconnect with the source of Love again. She learned to accept the life in all its manifestations. The Art became an essential part of her life.
This wonderful desire and inspiration to express your feelings, thoughts and observations without words, but through images, turned great despair into a magnificent admiration for life and fostered various experiments with bold combinations of different materials such as texture paste, gold leaf, texts, bulk materials, gold and silver paints.
The artist sincerely wants to share her thoughts and feelings with her viewers. Her landscapes hide the worlds that you would wish to discover and learn about, the stars and galaxies with their magic and uniqueness would make you wonder of the eternity, and female images speak of the secrets of the female soul.
The joy of the creative process and a numerous number of ideas awaiting for their embodiment -that is what fulfills the life of the artist today. I am currently actively participating in online exhibitions: in March 2021 took part in the International Online Exhibition held by People & Paintings Gallery and received the main gallery prize for the painting "On the Edge".
My works are sold mainly through online galleries, thanks to which they found their homes not only in Belarus, but are in private collections in Europe, USA, Russia.

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