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Anastasia Pan


I create paintings as a result of the close relationship of the subconscious with textures. I consider volumetric painting in the style of abstractionism one of the most attractive ways to look inside the essence of phenomena and the relationship of a person with the world through visual and tactile sensations.
The main subject of interest and research for me is the process of emergence as a result of subjective reasons (such as a fragment of a phrase, an echo of a melody or an aftertaste of aroma) of an objective, tangible and voluminous artistic image on canvas that can cause an inversion of perception: the picture “asks” questions to the observer and gives answers about his subconscious.

I live in Tyumen, Russia | was born in 1993 in Bogdanovich, Sverdlovsk region, Russia.
2023 - Member of the Italian Independent Art Association EOS Laboratorio delle Arti
2022 - resident of the International Association of Artists ASM-Club
2021 - studied at the "ARTLAB" school of painting with Adelina Akbirova
2019 - graduated from the Russian State Pedagogical University in Yekaterinburg with a degree in psychology with an academic master's degree

Anastasia Pan



2022 - "Miracle of Christmas", Golden Duck Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2022 - "Orange Mood", Gallery of EOS, Parma, Italy
2022 - "Perfect Summer", LINES gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2022 - "(U) dacha art", URBANFRESCO gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 - "By the selfie method", URBANFRESCO gallery, Moscow, Russia

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