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Anastassiya Suslova


In my art, I strive to convey calmness and meditativeness.
moment, based on the concept of Slow Life close to me. This concept encourages modern people to slow down the pace of life, enjoy the present moment and pay more attention to what really matters. Regardless of whether my work is a portrait or a landscape, the main goal is that in each work there is an atmosphere of serenity, devoid of aggressive colors and shapes.

My name is Anastasia Suslova and I am a professional artist from Kazakhstan. I did not pursue painting for a long time, but three years ago, I started creating art again and fully dedicated my life to watercolor painting.
I believe that true art will live forever and never lose its value in the eyes of people, especially now, when new technologies force recognized masters to compete with artificial intelligence.
I am passionate about exploring and applying new techniques of watercolor painting. I always strive to improve my skills and learn something new, which allows me to create unique paintings and express myself.
Unfortunately, in my country, the names of famous women artists can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I am convinced that by opening opportunities for female artists from Central Asian countries, the world of art will undoubtedly gain new facets of depicting beauty.
I am inspired by the beauty of the moment. And it is precisely the lightness, airiness, and passion of watercolor that allows me to express this elusive state of life. I try to convey through my works all the beauty of the world so that people slow down and enjoy life right now.
I graduated from the Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts. 2014 I participated in a Republican exhibition and received the Grand Prix. My works are successfully sold on the website, on Kazakhstani online gallery websites, and through my personal Instagram page. I will continue my creative and exhibition activities to share my works with people and promote my ideas.

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