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Anna Sabelfeld


I create abstract paintings full of movement and brightness. My goal is to give people the pleasure of color, to inspire them to dream. I want to show that there is still a lot of beautiful and mysterious beyond our understanding. But maybe it's not so mysterious and we already know/feel it? For me, abstract painting is a way to feel good and explore myself through form and color. It can "speak" to its viewer, penetrate the subconscious and magically influence it. That is why I strive for versatility in my work. For me it is important that everyone can catch something personal and native in my paintings, feel the joy and movement of life.

I was born in St. Petersburg in 1994. My path to painting began with school lessons in art history and fine arts. I also loved going to exhibitions at the Hermitage and the Russian Museum since I was a child. For some time I experimented with painting myself, being inspired by the great masters.
In 2021 I started classes with the artist from St. Petersburg Natalia Kremneva, who specializes in abstract painting and impressionism. I also study online with other artists such as Vyacheslav Korolenkov and Bato Dugarzhapov.
I am passionate about music, literature, yoga, languages and travel, and this certainly influences my perception of art and what I put into my painting. I like to develop and learn new things. I have a background as a linguist and a European ethnologist. Already after the first lessons of painting I realized that it is my life's work.
At present I live and create in Germany, Nuremberg.

Anna Sabelfeld



14.04.2022-29.04.2022 – Exhibition „By Selfie Method“ (online)
April 2022 – Projeсt „Kunst gegen Politik“ (online)

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