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Anna Zorina


As an artist, I am interested in the Big World, in which man is just a part of it. Wild nature, its grandeur, beauty and fragility, the magic and science of the universe. Life is an adventure, and if we can't always arrange things the way we want, then, as an artist, I can paint it. And then, you see, the reality around us will change.

I worked as a surgeon for about 20 years. However, at some point I realized that this was not enough for me. So I went to study at the Moscow Academic School of Design.
During my studies I realized that design was not for me, so I continued my own studies in drawing and painting. I took private lessons, studied graphic programs Adobe.
Then I left medicine and, in parallel with finding myself in creativity, I founded an active travel agency, participated in off-road competitions as a pilot, went camping, composed songs and recorded them.
And, of course, all these experiences are reflected in my work and continue to be.

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