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Arisha Norloguyanova


Arisha paints still lifes with flowers and landscapes of her favorite places. Works in oil in the style of impressionism. Flowers are the main thing in Arina's work. Arisha is a practicing bioenergetic and therefore focuses on the energy of color and the positive mood of the picture! Arina also paints in watercolor. There is a lot of light and joy in her watercolor works.

Arisha was born in Moscow, in a family of musicians. She always loved to draw and sing. Now Arisha is a professional artist and singer. Since 2020, Arisha has discovered healing abilities and is now a practicing bioenerget. Artist's paintings are filled with light and love for nature.

In 2004, she joined the Creative Union Of Russian artists of Decorative and applied arts.
In 2019 Norloguyanova A. she joined the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Department of Painting.
Also in 2019, Arisha was accepted into The international Association of Watercolors.
Currently Norloguyanova A. painting, participating in exhibitions and draws on order.

Apart from flowers and landscapes, Arisha has a series of fantasy works made with acrylic and relief pastes in the author's technique of the artist. They are dedicated to the worlds from the artist's dreams.

That's what Arisha thinks about herself
I draw and continue to draw portraits of flowers and places that I can't forget! I was born in Moscow, but I feel so good in nature that I now live in the village, plant flowers and walk through forests and meadows!

I love bright sunlight and am fascinated by shadows... When I'm outdoors by the sea or the river, I just watch the shadows of the trees come to life...

I only draw when I'm happy! Probably that's why my paintings are often acquired by lost artists, failed artists and just creative people. And, lo and behold! After that, they start creating again! My main credo is creativity and love in everything!

Arisha Norloguyanova



• March 5 - March 31 , 2023 | Personal exhibition "Portraits of flowers", Elektrostal, 24 Lenin Ave., Art Library
• January 10 - January 29, 2023 | Exhibition "Winter in the Moscow region", Elektrostal, Museum and Exhibition Hall, Chernyshevsky 38
• November 26 - December 12, 2022 | Personal exhibition "Portraits of flowers" Moscow, 6a Sumskoy Ave., 2nd floor
• November 11-27 , 2022 | Annual reporting exhibition-competition "Watercolor-2022" of the International Federation of Watercolorists and the Federation "Aquazhivopis"
1st place for "Blue irises in the garden"
• November 19 - December 8, 2020 | Reporting exhibition-competition "Watercolor - 2020" from the International Federation of Watercolorists
1st place in the nomination "Rural landscape"
Moscow Museum and Exhibition Center "Tushino"

• December 26, 2017 - January 7, 2018 | Moscow Central House of Artists exhibition-competition
"Russian Cup of Artistic Creativity".
Department of "PAINTING":
1st and 2nd place in the nomination "Esotericism"
1st place in the nomination "Architecture"

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