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For me, creating paintings is a dance, a dance of the brush. When no one sees, no one hears the music of my soul! I feel this music in the colors, in the movement of the brush on the canvas. The next step flashes through my mind, a new image; it’s a complete merging with the work. My art is a constant self-improvement, growth through the exploration of the spiritual world, filled with knowledge from culture and mythology of various countries.

I started my artistic journey from classical art school at the age of 10, and have a degree from an art university. I worked as a graphic designer for publishing houses in Russia for more than 10 years. Up to now, I’ve been working as an industrial designer. Together with my husband, we design plastic children's toys for batch production at large factories. We cooperate with international companies; this is our family project. I am a lifelong student, I am learning new things all the time, which helps me with my creative development. I was trained in psychology, art therapy, and design. I am a member of the All-Russian Public Organization of Businesswomen (specifically, of its regional branch for Rostov region).

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