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Elena Leontyeva


For me, painting is a mean to show the beauty created by nature, which is hidden in the depths of our life. Art always fills me with a special energy, a sense of true enjoyment of life on earth.
In my works I follow the traditions of realism, the Russian realistic school. I work in the technique of oil painting on canvas, in the genres of plot paintings, landscape, still life and portrait.

I always drew as a child. It was pouring out of my childish soul, it seemed that my hands themselves wanted to depict the world around me. I was lucky that there was a man next to me, my dad, who helped me in learning about the art world.
He showed me and taught me to see what is not visible to the ordinary eye. My desire for creativity has always come from a desire to learn more and explore a bright, colorful world, so even in kindergarten, dad sent me to study fine art at an art school. In high school, I had a good experience writing calligraphy, I designed newspapers, posters for many holidays. Fine art has been beside me all of my childhood and adolescence and I have been along with the beauty of knowledge through art.
But there are always some circumstances in our life! After graduation, I had to make a difficult decision. It was necessary to choose the path of an artist or the path of a person who needs to earn money and authority. I chose the latter. And the beautiful world of romance of my fantasies turned into a world of hard work. After graduating from a prestigious university, I became a successful woman, a loving and beloved wife, a good mother.
One day I realized that I wanted to draw again, and finally, I returned to my former self — a mysterious dreamer with a brush and with the desire to do worthwhile and necessary things for people.
Once again, I enthusiastically follow the colorful world, I am again able to perceive visual experience through the eyes of an artist. I believe that the purpose of my life is to reflect the reality around me through the canvas, I can and want to show my attitude to the real life of people! Thus, to make the world a little clearer, more beautiful!
During ten years of hard study, I took a lot of courses and master classes in oil and watercolor from such artists as Maria Pavlova, Lev Kaplan, Olga Bazanova, Igor Sakharov, Yulia Dubinina, Anastasia Kustova, Elena Bazanova.
To get to know the world of photography art, I took several courses with Elena Karneeva. I graduated from the "Interior Design" course from the Bristol School of Design - where I got acquainted with design for rooms.
My work is inspired, first of all, by the nature around us, the modern art of photography and the paintings of many artists.
I accumulate knowledge in watercolors and dry pastels, I am fond of sketching, especially when traveling.
To this day, I still learn the depths of artistic expression, developing my own unique art-style.

Elena Leontyeva



April 2022 - International Exhibition and competition of realistic art "World of Art 2022" at Tretyakov Gallery

April 2022 - ASM-Club presentation exhibition on the "selfie method" at Urbanfresco Gallery, Moscow

February 2021 - The Third Russian Watercolor Exhibition IWS Sare Gallery (Russia-Moscow)

July 2020 - International Watercolor Exhibition "Dance with COLORS 2020" IWS Sare Gallery Mondial Art Academy (Russia-France)

February 2020 - The First Russian Watercolor Exhibition IWS Sare Gallery (Russia-Moscow)

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