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The whole picture created is like a session with a psychotherapist. He asks the right questions that you can find answers to. Perhaps someone thanks to them will be able to find answers to questions.
Now, when I create my paintings, mixing and mixing textures and colours, I always remember that the infinite freedom of space and all the risks that exist, get their rightful place on the canvas.

My mother is an artist and I grew up surrounded by creative people. I always felt these notes in myself, and a special view of the world.
I graduated from art school, but I did not succeed in continuing my studies in this area. I had to get a higher education in the world of management, but even then I understood that this was not my path.

Ever since school days, thanks to my dad, we have traveled almost all of Europe and visited the maximum number of places saturated with each of their cultures, their history, which left a mark not only in world culture, but also in my personal perception of the world.
I remember very well my feelings when I got to the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris. Such self-expression, the scope of thought from an idea to its self-realization, everything was there.

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