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Irina Crystal


When I am painting pictures, I go into my own world. It is where love, tranquility, and peace reign; where wonderful fairy tales live; where the magic of nature and higher powers support me and give strength. So, my pictures reflect a piece of this beautiful and amazing world on a piece of paper or a canvas.
I want to share positivity, light, and kindness. And I will be very glad if, looking at my paintings, smiles shine on your faces and life sparks light your hearts.
With love ...

Irina was born and raised in a small seaside town of Lithuania. The everchanging sea, vast pine forests, clean marine air and animals inspired creativity from a very young age. Studies at the art school strengthened her love of painting. Then life took her in a different direction. Having studied finances, she began working in a bank. Soon Irina started a family and the first child appeared, then the second … and Irina could only occasionally find the time for creative work. From time to time, she painted and gave her works as presents to relatives and friends. A couple of years ago, leaving her favorite job, Irina painted a picture as a farewell gift for the company she had worked for. Nobody expected this. Surprised and delighted colleagues advised her to seriously take up painting. So, this is how it all started. Now Irina lives in Spain, her third baby is growing up and this is a great time to finally do what she loves more seriously. While she is in search of herself, she does not have a single style and technique. All her paintings are united by positivity. Bright colors and motifs should evoke warm memories or encourage you to dream of a wonderful future. The main thing while painting is to enjoy the process and to create beauty. And the smile and joy in the eyes of a viewer is the highest reward for her creative work.

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