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"I created the world that you invented"

- this is how the artist interprets his abstract painting, allowing him to observe his mental processes and the functioning of his own psyche.

Born and raised in a provincial town of the Leningrad region in 1983. Since early childhood, I have experienced an irresistible craving for incomprehensible, inexplicable things, natural phenomena.
Plunging into his thoughts, he drew in notebooks, albums, crayons on the asphalt, and then on the walls in the basements of residential buildings. The accompaniment to the world of abstraction has always been music, classical, heavy metal, and a little later electronic with elements of trance and ambient.
He brought all this baggage of knowledge and lived moments into adulthood and devoted himself to creativity.




2023 - personal exhibition “Introspection” Russia
2023 - resident of the international association of artists ASM-CLUB, ASM-GALLERY
2022 - personal exhibition “Open your Eyes" Russia

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