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Kovalchuk Daria


My works are about constant exploration of oneself, about the beauty of the world around us, about what surrounds us, but imperceptibly at first glance. Some of the works plunge into childhood, where a person is still without limits and restrictions, has not forgotten what it is to enjoy simple things.

Daria was born in Vladivostok. This is a seaside town in Russia, where she lived until the age of 25. The free spirit and authenticity of this city did not let go for many years. It is always the wind in your hair, the sea air, and most importantly, the sea. Water element, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
She began her career in creativity from early childhood, she drew and created a lot with her hands, she studied at the children's art school in Vladivostok. In 2004 she entered the architectural institute. She graduated in 2011, received a good knowledge base. In 2018, she started painting on clothes, these were painted denim jackets in the style of street art, graffiti. In 2020, she began painting. I used acrylic, watercolor and oil. Used different techniques. In the same year, she began teaching painting to children. Unleashes their creativity.

She was always interested in mysticism, hidden symbols and signs. Depths of the human soul. Who the person really is. Its originality, authenticity.

Kovalchuk Daria



• 2022 Member of the independent art project "Art outside of politics", ASM-club.
• 2021 April-May “Eco Art Russia”, Yekaterinburg
• 2021 March-April "Out of Time", Yekaterinburg

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