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"High Art", same as "High Cuisine" is subjective. Art it self, is free from borders.

Krista is a self-educated artist, born in Riga, Latvia.

Since childhood she were interested in art in many possible ways – dancing, acting, modelling and writing. Thanks to her Family she had a possibility to try herself in all that ways.

The biggest part of her life took dances, and that the passion of painting will ever wake up, she had no idea!

Although, since age of 19, two people brought the interest of painting in her life – Salvador Dalì and Andy Warhol.

It was the first kick for Krista to try herself in painting.

"The funniest thing is that Art is everywhere. People, manners, sensuality, sarcasm, the way of thinking, getting an experience and so on. Life is an Art and Art is Life! In that case I can say that every person has his own sense of Art and of life.” - says Krista.

Krista`s paintings are combining Contemporary art and Pop Art styles.

Pop Art is an art for people - understandable and life full!

And same time Contemporary art gives a freedom to transform and combine different art styles.




2021 – Exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland “Galerie 111”
2022 - Exhibition in Murten, Switzerland “Contemporary Gallery” , "Emotionen"

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