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Lilia Zinnurova


"When I feel that I am losing strength, I go to the sea, I go to the mountains, even just for a walk in the forest or along the beautiful streets of Europe. this is what inspires me and I am fed and inspired again.

Sometimes I just stopped and observed what was happening around. It is in these moments that new images are born."

Lilia Zinnurova was born in Novosibirsk, where she studied at the Academy of Architecture and Art for 6 years. For two years she worked in the field of landscape architecture and at the same time began to draw and do crafts with children, including children with disabilities. She worked as an art teacher in an elementary school for ten years, which inspired her to create children's illustrations and fine art.

Now she lives in Sweden with her husband and sons who inspire her to be creative. Lilia likes to travel around the world and meet new people, who then become the heroes of her illustrations.

"People and animals... They are so different and unique, each one has its own character and personality. I love my characters, especially the process of creating them."

Lilia's paintings convey the state of mind, they are colorful, emotional and help to plunge into memories and the most tremulous moments of life.

Lilia Zinnurova



Exhibition sheet:

- Independent art project "Art outside politics", March 2022.

- The Frankfurt Book Fair 2021.


- Diploma for the winner of the municipal competition for professional competence "Festival of Pedagogical Ideas", March 2013.

- Diploma of the first degree in the regional competition "Art Education Teacher", April 2013.

- Diploma of the II degree "Competition of educational materials for corrective work programs as part of the main educational program of educational institutions", November 2014.

- 2nd place in the international competition for teachers "Methodological development according to the Federal State Educational Standard", February 2017.

- Prize winner of the 1st degree of the International Festival of Art "World of art", nomination "Portfolio of a teacher", February 2017.

- Competition "Gold Medal" 2018 Diploma for project work "Application of modern technologies in the lessons of art and technology in primary grades", March 2018.

- 3 place in the 28th season of the international competition GOLDEN TIME TALENT, November 2021.

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